The taste of blood is just the price you pay for good cereal

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fangirl challenge  -  [2/10] male characters

  cedric diggory  “harry. take my body back, will you? take my  body back to my  father.”

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Wait, so Bryan Fuller is doing American Gods? This is going to be interesting.

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Now that National Aerial Pole Art is over, I can freely post my winning Pacific Pole Championships (L4 Jr) piece. Incredibly honored to have worked with National champs Sergia Louise Anderson and Mary Kolacinski on this.

My first gold medal! 

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ARTIST: Celia Pavey
TRACK: Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover)
1,473,287 plays
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I’m out of the house and wearing proper clothes and everything.

I’m out of the house and wearing proper clothes and everything.

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"Cmon put on a happy face"

This is my happy face, can’t you feel the joy?

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In my wanderings around nerdom I noticed something weird - out of all the male superheroes out there Spiderman is the only one I noticed who seems to get put in more sexualized poses (like ones normally only reserved for female characters) compared to other male superheroes both in and outside that universe and it seems to not be limited to a single artist either.

I just wonder why??

this couldn’t fit in a reply:

in comic and illustrative art we’re told as artists to put contrast between masculine and feminine figures in a very specific way. the idea is that female characters are more “supple” in their movements, while male characters are more powerful and authoritative. this translates on the page into male characters typically having strong, straight lines of action and much more blocky shapes, especially in western comics because of the art styles used. by contrast, female characters are rarely powerhouse fighters in the stories, and they tend to fight with more grace than brute force. it’s a very, very sexist dichotomy but it ends up having unintentional side effects.

check out these two panels from the same comic (house of m #1, olivier coipel, chosen because i was already reading it):


here, you can sort of see the contrast in how the characters are drawn—the guys are blocky and constructed with simpler shapes, while janet and carol (i think) have much more bend and flex in their poses.


same here, though it’s less egregious than in other comics—the guys have straighter lines and simpler shapes in contrast to the girls. except for spiderman. when it comes to spiderman, traditional ways of illustrating comic characters kind of get thrown for a loop because all of his pose sets are “feminine”. he doesn’t engage with enemies in the same way that captain america or wolverine would. and his poses when he’s using his webs are very similar to the ones that a female character with, say… telekinetic powers would be posed. c:

okay tangent aside, it mostly has to do with how the poses are treated. while you can easily draw a heavyset, “typically” male character being graceful and agile, it doesn’t fit with the style most artists do. and spiderman is lean, graceful, agile—all traits normally found in female characters. so there’s crossover there, partly out of habit and partly because as a spider dude his poses are naturally way more flexible and contorted than other male characters.

we get so used to seeing certain poses and archetypes coded in comic art that it’s weird when they get thrown for a loop

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Some Fable 3 mechanics are even more hilarious (and AWFUL) if you think about them


The gnomes. The horrible, annoying, insult-spewing gnomes. We’re told they’re “scattered across Albion.” I took this to mean it was limited to Albion. Surely they couldn’t have crossed the seas. After all, once we reach Aurora, the game takes a sharp genre-shift turn to horror, and we leave the silliness behind.

Or so I thought. No, the little garden-gnome fuckers are even in poor, ravaged, mourning Aurora.

Imagine this for a moment. Imagine this.

You are an Auroran, exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your home has just been overrun by living darkness in the form of the Crawler and his foul Children, horrible shadow demons that swallowed up everything you know, love, and weep for.

You’ve just buried your entire family. They had no chance against this kind of evil. Nobody does.

As the lives of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, acquaintences, parents, siblings and children are extinguished, you hear Its awful whispering in your ear, that their souls have gone to feed the Children, and they will vomit forth further darkness to finish what they’ve started. You’re next.

You’re all that’s left. You have no one, nothing left. You don’t know why you’ve been spared. You don’t know why you’re still alive. It would be far kinder if you weren’t.

And then you hear it.

Faintly at first. Then growing louder. And louder still. Is it the hot, sick breath of the Crawler, come back to drag you down, screaming into the depths of utter despair? Will his dreadful voice be the last thing you hear?

No. No, it sounds like…


"OI! Your mum just kicked the bucket, eh? That’s too bad - She was DYNAMITE in the sack!"

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cuccumella replied to your post: “In my wanderings around nerdom I noticed something weird - out of all…”:
I think just because he climbs walls and shit? Like the examples that come to mind are him sprawled in a strange way while climbimg

Maybe, that’s a pretty good speculation actually.

There is def more booty than you find in other superheroes. notthati’mcomplaining cough cough
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