nefariousjohannes replied to your post: “People who reblog clearly personal posts without adding commentary,…”:
tbf i do this by accident a lot but usually i queue them so like three days later i’ve reblogged someone’s update about taking their cat to the vet

Oh gosh I’ve done that before, it’s easy to do with one click reblog on here. If it’s clearly a mistake it doesn’t bother me, but some people do it ALL the time and I doesn’t upset as much as just leave me very baffled…like…I know this doesn’t add anything to you blog so why??


Things my Courier would rather do than spend another minute in the Sierra Madre:

- Serve as NCR ambassador to Hell
- Eat one of Cook-Cook’s steaks
- Do the laundry of the entire Legion
- Harness and ride a deathclaw matriarch
- Mop the floor in Vault 3 until it sparkles
- Run naked through Camp Golf hooting and yelling “God bless the Enclave!”
- Let Jack and Diane test all their new chems out on her
- Have a staring contest with Keene
- Go back in time, kill Sinclair before he ever built the Sierra Madre, end up trapped in Rapture instead